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Glitter Music, The Record Label

the bands.....
Bunker...mood rock
Greensect...ambient noise pop
Magenta's Turn...driving alterna
wakin' up the dead...folky mod rock
Crimson Winter...alterna folk rock
Charity...piano, vocals and moody pop songs
Kirk B...piano/keyboards with a strong sence of urgency, instrumental
Gibby...meows and sleep

Glitter Music recently obtained the Smear Records Catalog making their catalog available once again. Glitter plans to relase a comp. of Smear bands including live songs, unreleased songs and interviews....etc.

Glitter Music is in the process of releasing a 6 song cassette from Greensect. This cassette will include 3 never released songs plus two songs that were on the Starter CD comp. released by Crisis Records and one song that was released on a 7 inch. Plans including releasing this project on a cdr.

Bunker is in the process of recording a current demo. Plans are to have this demo recorded by the summer, but to tie you over, they have a few songs that were recorded to vhs from the board of a show in November 1998. The sound is pretty good, much better than their prior demos. Bunker also did some 4 track recording in 1998 and plans are to finish this up and mix it down to get a better feel of the recording. Hopefully a couple of these songs will see the light of day.

Glitter Music is accepting demos from bands as we plan to release a cd r compilation in the fall. Interested bands should mail their submission to Glitter music, pob 90363 raleigh nc 27675.

Glitter Music is in the pre production of recording Julie, an singer songwriter musician that is still in high school. Plans include releasing a cassette late summer.

Gibby is doing fine and hears the bands when they practice. She is quite happy with the music.

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Glitter Music
POB 90363
Raleigh NC 27675
919 601 3131
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