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I find these really cool items, buy them and pass the savings on to you. This stuff would sell for much, much more if it were in a vintage shop and on ebay. I dont always get a chance to update my web page, so please feel free to stop by the stores, telephone or email me what you are looking for.

this page has music, video gaming, film, computers plus so much more....

If you live outside the Raleigh, NC area, i can do mail order. You pay shipping and insurance.

I carry GHS strings, drum sticks, GHS picks, GHS cables, plus a whole lot more... Not everything is listed. What are you looking for?

Amps/Speaker Cabinets/Speakers/Etc.

Peavy studio series, 8 or 10 inch speaker, (sorry if forgot the deatils, but i will update a little later) $99.99
440 by Wesbury, two 8" Celeston Speakers that i replaced myself, reverb, nice little amp., $199.99
roland jazz chorus 4x12 speaker cabinet, unloaded, casters, very nice condition and super rare to find, $199.99


EV-RE10 $45.00
Shure 545L Unidyne III $35.00


Yamaha PSR-300 w/music stand $99.99
Casio CZ series
moog mg-1 realistic, analog, $299.99
korg dw-2000, analog, $374.99
peavey dpm-3, synth workstation, $349.99
yamaha prs-300, , music holder, $99.99
yamaha shs-10, 80s vintage red, held like a guitar, midi thru, box, $149.99


Electro Harmonics LPB Linear Power Booster, early 70's $50.00
Sovtek Big Muff, Blue and Aluminum (not green) w/wooden box $70.00
Boss PH-2 Super Phaser $50.00
Real Tube Overdrive $60.00
Real Tube Overdrive (rack version) $60.00
dod fx-60 stereo chorus analog $39.99
ibanez sountank super chorus cs5 $29.99
mxr distortion (+) plus $29.99
arion slf-1 stereo flanger boxed $34.99

Wamted, Stuff Wanted

Banana Sear Bikes and Parts
Jazzmaster/Jaquar by Fender or Ibanez
Delay Pedals
Chorus Pedals
VOX anything

Video Games, Systems, Accessories

Atari 2600 Carts

artillery duel/chuck norris super kicks-inst-xonox

Atari 2600 Hardware

Boxed Atari 2600
Wireless 2600 Joysticks, pair, both have battery covers.
several 2600 joysticks, atari and aftermarket

Coleco Vision Game Carts


Coleco Vison Hardware/Accessories

Adam Computer with printer

NES 8-bit Game Carts

Crystal Mines-Boxed

Not everything is listed, what are you looking for?

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