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Glitter Music's Classic Video Gaming Systems and Carts for Sell

Atari 2600 Game Carts, Hardware and related items

Atari 5200 Game Carts, Hardware and related items

Atari 7800 Game Carts, Hardware and related items

Hand Helds/Other

tiger all pro basketball
tiger tecmo bowl
Coleco #76727 Zodiac Astrology Computer
Coleco Quiz Wiz Books #1, #1, #1, #3, #5, #6, #6 #8
Coleco Quiz Wiz Folders #1, #1, #6, #8
Coleco Quiz Wiz slide in module cart #1, #1,
Mr. Challenger Electronic Word Game, T/I, w/box and inst.
Sonic the Hedgehog Watch, lcd, colorful, Sega, 1995
Hit & Missile by Tomy, w/box, 1978
Comp IV by Milton Bradley, w/box, 1977
Pitfall Board Game by Milton Bradley. Excellent Shape
Sears telegames super png IV, inst. manual, power supply (has box for the power supply)
Nintendo Watch Game-Starfox, untested (dead battery)

Complete Core System New in Box $49.99
Jaguar Controller w/box
Checkered Flag
Iron Soldier B O
Pitfall the Mayan Adventure B
Super Burnout B
Syndicate B I
Zoop B

Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual
Channel F by Fairchild
System Channel F by Fairchild w/box, warranty card, catalog, instruction manual, rf switch. This system is the type that has the built in controller, rf video cable and power supply. The unit looks great. The smoke cover is almost scratch less. The box has been taped with masking tape and a dark brown paper type tape. A little damage on the bottom, like it has been in a humid area. Otherwise, the box show normal wear. The unit works, but sometimes the picture gets distorted. $15.00
Cartridge List
# 3 Video Blackjack B
# 9 Drag Race
#11 Backgammon/Acey-Deucey B
#13 Robot War/Torpedo Alley B I warranty card
#15 Memory Match B I warranty card
#16 Dodge It B I warranty card
#17 Pinball Challenge B I warranty card
#17 Pinball Challenge B
#21 Bowling B I

Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual
Odyssey 2 by Magnavox
i have several titles


Master System, picture jittery $10 w/power supply, rf adapter and one joystick
Sega Genesis/Master System Game Carts
Game Genie video game enhancer for genesis by galoob, untested
I have lots of sega carts
Sega Genesis Boxes

Sega Instruction Manuals
96 all star lineup (john Madden) grnesis 32x and game gear w/poster (poster not in tack, but I beleive all is there) EA Sports

Sega Misc. and Misc. Printed Material
Welcome to the next level, poster, Jurassic Park on one side and product info on the other side.
Acclaim poster, product/game info. 1993
Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual


Coleco Hardware
Expansion Module #1 (allows atari 2600 carts to be played on Coleco Vision) $15
Super Action Controllers $15 for two

i have lots.....
Coleco Vision Game Carts
Donkey Kong
Mouse Trap
Rocky super action boxing
Smurf rescue in Gargamel's castle
Space Panic
Super action baseball
Super action Football
i got a bix stack of overlays that i need to sort and post, email you wish list of coleco vision overlays

Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual

Intellivision by Mattel and INTV (post Mattel)

Intellivision and INTV game carts
Boxed with inst. manual and 2 overlays (if overlays is required)
Auto Racing
Atlantis O Imagic
Atlantis B I O Imagic
Major League Baseball
Beauty and the Beast Imagic
Donkey Kong Coleco
Donkey Kong Coleco
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack SEALED
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack
Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack
Lock N Chase
Night Stalker
Night Stalker
Night Stalker
Pitfall Activision
Pitfall Activision
Space Armada
Space Armada
Star Strike SEALED
Star Strike
Sea Battle
Space Battle
Triple Action
Venture Coleco

Advanced D&D I 2 Overlays
Advanced D&D B
Armor Battle I Sears
Astrosmash B I O
Atlantis B I O Imagic
Auto Racing
Beauty and the Beast Shrink Wrapped
Bomb Squad
Boxing I 2 overlays
B 1 Bomber I 1 overlay
B 1 Bomber 1 overlay
Bump n Jump
Carnival Sega B
Carnival Sega
Demon Attack B I Imagic
Donkey Kong I Coleco
Donkey Kong Coleco I
Donkey Kong Coleco
Donkey Kong Coleco
Dragonfire Imagic
Horse Racing
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack I O
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack B
Las Vegas Roulette B I
Lock n Chase
Major League Baseball I
Microsurgeon B I Imagic
Mouse Trap I 2 overlays
Night Stalker
Nova Blast B I O Imagic
PBA Bowling
Pac Man Atari Soft
Roulette B I
Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball WHITE label 9001 B I INTV
Snafu Sears Rare B I
Star Strike B I O
Star Strike B I O
Space Battle I
Space Battle B I O
Space Battle B I O
Space Hawk B I O
Sub Hunt B I
Super Pro Football WHITE label I INTV
Swords & Serpents B Imagic
Tennis Mattel
Tennis B I O Mattel
Tennis B Mattel
Tennis B Mattel
Triple Action B I O
Tropical Trouble EX RARE Imagic
Utopia I O
Vectron O Rare
Vectron Rare B I
i recently got a big stack of overlays, send me your wish list until i get them sorted and posted

Intellivision Hardware
Complete Systems Model 2609a
Tandyvision one by Radio Shack. no video (some color flicker)
Super Pro System Model 3504 Boxed by INTV, not Mattel. in great shape, super clean, box looks great!
Intellivoice Mo. 3330 w/box and Instrucion Manual
System Changer Expansion Unit Model #4610 (2600 Atari Adapter)

Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual


NES Carts
i have tons....

NES Instruction Manuals

Bampart Jaleco
Control Deck NES
Dr Mario NES
Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros. NES
The Legend of Zelda NES
Power Pad NES
Wizardry Nexoft
Zapper NES
I have lots, email if you need a title, will add later
NES Hardware
Wireless Controller, Camerica Freedom Stick
NES Foot Controller
NES Catalogs and Misc. Printed Material
Poster NES
Poster 1986 NES
Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Games Strategies Bantoam Games Master Series Book
Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Color/A Giant Activity Book Golden

Action Max Video Game System

Console only, Model AM-1000 NTSC 1987,no power supply (it does use batteries as well), controller, etc.
Video VHS Hydrosub: 2021 1987

Boxed=Cart in box w/Inst. and Overlays if Apply
I=Instruction Manual
super advantage controller by asciiware, untested

NEC Tubro Grafx 16

System in Box, Box is fair to good condition

HuCARD Carts.
with jewel case, inst. manual and HuCard
Blazing Lazers $21.00 Bonk's Adventure $10.00
Bonk's Revenge $12.00
Final Lap Twin $13.00
J J & Jeff #12.00
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones $2.00
King of Casino $6.50
R-Type $8.00
Space Harrier $19.00
Sports TV Basketball $5.00
Sports TV Football $6.50
Takin' it to the Hoop $5.00
Victory Run $6.00
World Class Baseball $5.00

with HuCard and Jewel Case
Legendary Axe $10.00

HuCard Only
Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

Texas Instruments

TI 99 loose with power supply
Household Budget Mgnt. phm 3007
i have a couple more carts, will put up later, email me if you need titles or looking a certain title.


Mac Classic II
Mac Color Classic

Timex Sinclair

Times Sinclair 1000 w/exp. mod. 1016, loose. the machine looks very clean, but the box is readable but in poor condition.
Software 16k ram cassette tape software, includes j card and norelco case, The Home Improvement Planner and Presidents


Official Mortal Kombat 3 pocket kodes for snes, genesis, & playstation by brady games, 1995
Video VHS Sega Game Gear Game Tops Vol I, execulsive from Howard Johnson, 1995
IBM type joystick, Gravis, Adavanced Gravis Computer Tech, Ltd. Burnaby, BC Canada, clear case, 1995
IBM type joystick, Kraft Thunderstick, Sonic the Hedgehog Watch, model shw 103, (needs battery?)
Sionic and Knuckles Trapper Keeper, some ware and top seam is seperated
NEW Super Mario Bros. TV Tray/Bed Tray. used but readable. slightly bent.
Commodore 1200 Modem for the vic 20, c64, c128
Vic 20 Gorf 1923 Cart
Vic 20 Personal Finance Cart
Commodore 64 Music Machine Cart
Emerson Arcadia 2001 Game Carts-American Football and Escape

I=Instruction Manual


top loader nes system
widsom tree carts, boxes, inst. for any system
tetris (tengen) and other puzzle games for nes & snes

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